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    in Montreal

    KaroMi Jumping makes your blood pumping!

    What is KaroMi Jumping?

    KaroMi Jumping is a unique full-body fitness class using specially designed personal trampolines to combine cardio-strength training with lots of fun in one workout class.


    General Program Description


    It’s a small group class where each person has his own trampoline, following instructions from a certified jumping trainer with motivating music. Working out on your own trampoline allows you to regulate your own jumping pace. That's why every class fits every fitness level. The soft surface of the trampoline also provides shock absorption, so you can work out without straining your joints.


    Fitness revolution in Montreal !


    Are you looking for a new fitness class? Do you like working out with music? Or maybe you want to do the first steps toward a better, healthier and fitter you?

    This class is designed for every age, gender and fitness level.

    KaroMi Jumping makes your blood pumping :)

    KaroMi Jumping will bring you many healthy benefits:

    • Fun and a big load of released endorphins (happy hormones),
    • Lymphatic and metabolism booster,
    • Intense fat burn by burning up to 1,000 calories per hour,
    • Improve cardiovascular efficiency,
    • Digestion stimulation,
    • Detoxification,
    • Strengthen core/postural muscles,
    • Improve coordination and balance,
    • Safe for joints, good way to improve joint and spine mobility.

    What you need for the training:

    • Clean, flexible inside workout shoes,

    • Comfortable fitness clothes,
    • Towel,
    • Bottle of water,
    • To all the female candidates: to have good comfort while jumping, we strongly suggest wearing a supportive sports bra.
  • Important

    There is a limited amount of trampolines per class so you have to register in advance (by email or text) to ensure that you will have a trampoline and you will receive a booking confirmation.
    If you already booked a class but you’re unable to attend it, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance or we can’t guarantee the return of your fee if we don’t fill your spot.

    KaroMi Jumping will bring you many healthy benefits, however there are some contra-indications and if unfortunately you suffer from one of the points mentioned below then you should avoid this type of exercise or discuss further with your doctor:

    • Discopathy,
    • Pregnancy (or 4 months after giving birth),
    • Poor health,
    • Diseases of the ankle or knee joints,
    • Cardiovascular disease (hypertension),
    • Osteoporosis,
    • Endoprosthesis,
    • Coordination or balance disorders,
    • Recent injuries,
    • Severe obesity,
    • Respiratory diseases (asthma).

    Note: Trampolines weight limit is 120kg/250lbs.



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